Home Sale Process

When you are thinking of selling a home in the Minneapolis St. Paul real estate market, you will understandably have a lot of questions about the process.  Here are the first few steps:

1) To get started, contact one of our Minneapolis Real Estate Agents us via telephone, email, or simply fill out the free online home evaluation form to your right!  We’ll run through all the basic details of your home to help us out with our research to help determine a value.

2) We’ll schedule an appointment to take a tour of your home.  No need to clean, or de-clutter!  We can look right through it!

3) Before stopping by, we will review the market in your neighborhood in detail, and look at homes that have recently sold, homes currently on the market, as well as homes that were listed, and didn’t sell to gain a general idea as to your home value.

4) When our Minneapolis real estate agent takes a tour of your home, we’ll offer tips to help make your home stand out to potential buyers, and give you an overview of the market, and how it relates to your home.  Any changes or de-cluttering would take place between now and your home going on the market.  This process is important to increase the potential of your Minneapolis home sale to bring top dollar.

5) Many of the homes we sell have some very unique features, so we will personally go out and visit the “competition”, so that we can confidently dial the list price in on your home.  You are welcome to join us in our previews, and see exactly what the buyers coming in to your home will see!

6) At this point, we’ll put your home on the market.  This includes signing a few documents, filling out a property disclosures statement, and from there our team goes to work!

Our goal is to have buyers lined up to get in your door, from the first day your home is listed!  We do some very unique marketing, both online and offline, which is incredibly effective at putting your home in front of the buyers!  For a detailed review of your home value, and an inside look at how we sell homes so incredibly successfully, contact us today!